General Norms

  1. The teacher trainees are admitted to the College on the clear understanding that they will observe all the rules and regulation of the college and abide by all the academic and professional demands of the college and the courses offered. Anyone who is not willing to subscribe to these requirements should in no way be taking admission in this college.
  2. All the teacher trainees are expected to be courteous and considerate towards others and maintain a high standard of integrity, personal ethics and behavior. The teacher trainees should maintain a standard and modest dress code which is becoming of an educator.
  3. The use of all tobacco products, liquor and drugs in any form is totally prohibited in the college campus.
  4. The college infrastructure and its property (land, buildings, furniture, equipment’s etc.) must be treated with extreme care. Anyone found damaging or destroying these will be liable to make good the damaged or destroyed goods by its monetary value or total replacement of the same.
  5. Silence in the college library is to be observed at all times. A teacher trainee can take out only three books at a time for consultation and personal study. These books should be returned to the library after two weeks, and if needed, these can be borrowed for another one week only. No one is permitted to take any personal bags or belongings inside the library.
  6. Ragging in any form is absolutely prohibited. Anyone indulging in it is liable for immediate expulsion from the college. Matters regarding ragging should be brought to the immediate notice of the principal and the anti-ragging cell.
  7. The use of mobile phones and other personal electronic gadgets are totally forbidden in the lecture halls and examination halls of the college. The infringement of this will result in the appropriate punitive action and the confiscation of these gadgets. The confiscated gadgets will not be returned.
  8. Regular attendance at classes is compulsory for all teacher trainees. A minimum of 85% of attendance is mandatory for all candidates of this college to appear for the Selection and the University Examinations. Any absence from the regular classes will require prior permission from the principal and a letter from the parent/guardian stating the authenticity of the reason. Any unauthorized absence which exceeds more than five continuous days will automatically disqualify a candidate.
  9. The college authorities are in no way responsible for any loss of the belongings of anyone from the college premises and its campus. Those who bring any valuables to the college must take care of these by themselves. In addition to this, the college will not be responsible for any indiscipline/misconduct of the trainees outside the college campus.

Ten Principles for a good educator

(Extracted from Don Bosco’s Preventive System of Education)

  1. Start your day with a prayer. Divine assistance makes a truly fulfilling day.
  2. Be prepared with your daily lessons. It is the right of your students that you are prepared.
  3. Be punctual. It is the visible sign of your integrity and commitment.
  4. Do not use corporal punishment, and never belit tle or humiliate a student in public. A ‘word in the ear’ or private admonition will bring in greater results than irate punishments.
  5. In academic matters, be strict and demanding. It is necessary for the intellectual growth.
  6. Never show partiality. Regard for justice is part of the core curriculum of true education.
  7. Earn respect, and never demand it. True respect is the outcome of personal integrity. One who deserves it, gets it.
  8. Be present with the students always, even during recess recreation and all outdoor activities. Personal presence of the educator prevents many a mess and mischief.
  9. Develop a compassionate and concerned heart, especially for the weak and poor students. Go out of your way to help the marginalized and the poor.
  10. Above all, pray for your students. Prayers can work greater miracles than we can ever imagine.